Monday, February 4, 2013

Tic-Tac-Toe Tucks

Tic-tac-toe tucks is our next fabric foundation method and adds texture, depth and lots of interest in your quilt.

tic-tac-toe tucks - Candy
Candy stitched her tucks straight in both directions, and flipped some tucks, then added yarn accents and beads and finished with a ruffled edge. Lots of good texture.


tic-tac-toe tucks - Donnie
Donnie stitched the tucks in straight lines and flipped her tucks, but then made a garden with the piece by adding pretty yellow buttons, some in the shape of flowers, for a colorful spring-like look. She used a traditional binding to finish her piece.


tic-tac-toes - Annette
Annette stitched her tucks in straight lines and flipped the tucks, but took it a step further and added small, fringed pieces of white fabric inset into the spaces created by the tucks, adding even more texture and interest,


tic-tac-toe tucks - Claire
On the upper row, I stitched straight lines in both horizontal and vertical directions and did not flip my tucks. I sewed a twisty yarn between the stitching rows and added beads. In the lower section, I flipped the tucks but made the mistake of pressing the piece which flattened my tucks and I don't like them as much this way. I sewed a decorative ribbon across the lower section and added beads. The binding is traditional.



tic-tac-toe tucks - Sue
Sue saw an immediate use for the tucks as rippling water and so created this watery scene.
She appliqued the fish in place and added some greens. The edge is finished with yarn to frame it nicely.


tic-tac-toe tucks - Sandy
Sandy experimented, and has three approaches to this technique to share with us. In the top example, she has stitched her lines close together and parallel to each other in both directions, flipping the tucks in one line of stitching. In the lower section, on the left, she has sewn curvy lines, not straight, across the tucks and used a decorative stitch, flipping some of the tucks as she sewed. On the bottom right, she sewed straight lines but with a decorative stitch this time.


tic-tac-toe tucks - Kathleen
I added sashing, some buttons & beads and finished with some braiding. I made 1/4" tucks. If I use this technique again I will try smaller tucks.

tic-tac-toe tucks - Joyce
Joyce has stitched and flipped her tucks in both pieces, but added some hand stitching and small hear-shaped buttons as an embellishment on the upper piece and decorative machine stitching on the lower piece. Decorative machine stitching borders both sections and a strip of satib ribbon is held in place on the middle of the quilt. The whole piece is edged with yarn.
tic-tac-toe tucks - Nancy
Nancy used double-sided fabrics to get an interesting effect when the tucks were folded back and stitched with a decorative machine stitch. She embellished with long fabric tubes and completed her piece by bringing the back around to the front and fraying the edges.


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