Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rubber Stamping

                                  Rubber Stamping

The use of rubber stamped designs adds a personal touch to the surface design of your quilts. Instead of using commercially available stamps, we have chosen to create our own stamps using several methods at our disposal.

Stamping - Candy
Candy started with the blue fabric and added the green textured stamp before placing her swimming fish and starfish in place. The little swimming fish adds depth to the piece.

Stamping - Donnie
Donnie has stamped alternating squares created by tucks that she has sewn into the fabric. A great combination of the two techniques!


Two more versions of stamping by Donnie. This is Donnie's finished piece and she went back to her (traditional) roots and made a pieced basket. The piece below the basket was made by using a yellow square as the first layer, then the larger green triangle followed by the pink circle - three layers in all.


Stamping - Claire
I made the background stamp by cutting strips of foam sheets and sticking them to an acrylic block and then stamping the design onto the fabric in an alternating pattern. At first, I was unhappy with the fact that the stamp did not produce an evenly inked design across the surface of the fabric, but now I like that sort of shabby-chic look. The yellow circles are stamped with a foam circle. I finished by making stamps of the two flowers, leaf and stem and imprinted them on the background. A traditional binding brings it all together.

Stamping - Sue
Two floral designs encased with a row of pearls. Upper flowers were made with a handmade heart-shaped stamp, clustered in four prints to create one bloom with detail line showing the petal's veins made with the end of the foam brush. The pine-like boughs around the flowers were also made with the tip of the foam brush. The lower flowers pictured are made with the wedge end of a foam brush and a leaf stamp cut out of foam and adhered to a lucite block.
The black frame around the flowers is a "Fashion Frame" made out of a felt square. Sue finished her piece with an edge of pearls around the outer edge.


This is a Block Print in assorted colors. As I have only three colors available, pink, purple and green, all color blocks are mixtures of these paints (including the green which gives a bit of a brown shade to the other colors). I then made a "sandwich" from the printed fabric, a piece of batting and a backing fabric and quilted the piece. The block print became my quilting pattern. I am calling this piece "Underlying Love". You may need to see it for real to get the point. I am not happy with the green frame, it needs to be replaced.
Sue - Unquilted
                 Sue- Quilted

Stamping - Annette
Annette has shown three examples of her stamping technique.


Stamping - Joyce

Joyce has mastered the layered approach to stamping with the yellow and lighter green as the background stamp designs and then continued with the darker green leaves from a stamp that she carved and finished with the rose which she also hand carved. She finished off with a yarn to frame and edge the piece.


Stamping - Kathleen
Kathleen stamped in shades of pink and green and used a zigzag stitch to attach the stamped fabric to a pink background that was finished with and envelope binding.






  1. I love everyone's rubber stamping. My grandchildren were here and used my project supplies to stamp onesies for the 3 new cousins arriving this year. Lots of fun.

  2. Nice job! I love all of the interpretations of each lesson. I can't wait to see what you all do next!