Friday, February 8, 2013

Stitches and Bits

Add some fun laces, trims, yarns, ribbons and a variety of threads to the tucks from the previous lesson and you have a quick and easy embellished result. Make the tucks as deep as you need, or no tucks at all when you apply flat trims to the surface. 

Stitches and Bits - Sandy
Sandy added a variety of trims on top and in tucks, as well as decorative stitching to make this piece.


Stitches and Bits - Candy
Candy has looped a variegated yarn in the top tuck, added pleated fabric and some interesting trim and zigzagged stitched along the edges.


Stitches and Bits - Claire
In addition to adding tucks of different depths depending on what was being placed in the tucks (lace, pleated fabric, crinkly trim, rick-rack), I also added yarns and ribbons flat to the piece for more surface texture and then included the fringe of beads at the bottom.
I quilted across the folds in three places to securely hold the layers together and after stitching the three layers together around the edges, I couched a piece of narrow yarn on top of that stitching to finish it.


Stitches and Bits - Annette
Annette tucked ribbon and tabs into the folds and draped a strip of lace across the bottom tuck. The tabs bend up and down from the tuck. She hand-embroidered the upper section in a decorative pattern and sewed square glass beads to the tabs to finish the piece..


Stitches and Bits - Donnie
Donnie has used two sizes of rick rack, several decorative machine stitches, a few different trims sewn into tucks and finished with a couched yarn edging.


Stitches and Bits - Joyce
Joyce has added some interesting "bits" into the sewn tucks on her piece. She has a piece of lace that is dimensional, leaning forward on the top row, difficult to see in the photo, some flat laces and trims, a three flower arrangement tucked into the center, two feathers poking out further down and more pieces of flowers. She took a ribbon and pleated it and tucked that in to add more texture and dimension.


Stitches and Bits - Sue
Sue combined techniques with this piece. She used a nice variety of trims and stitches and used a pleated gold ribbon tucked into the top row. The leaf fabric shows the stencilled fabric on the reverse side of the Stitches and Bits, combining two techniques successfully.

Sue - front
Sue - stencilled back

Stitches and Bits - Nancy
Nancy stitched her piece in two sections, joined on the diagonal and incorporated trims, lace, ribbons, yarns and embellishments to successfully complete this piece that is edged with yarn.

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