Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fabric Weaving

The adventure begins!

Our first fabric foundation technique is fabric weaving which is one of the oldest ways to manipulate fabric. The strips can be cut straight or wavy, as most of us have done, and pretty much any basket-weaving pattern can be used. We chose the simplest for our

Fabric Weaving - Sue
Sue zigzag stitched along the sides of the woven strips and then added machine-appliqued leaves and acorns. She had not yet finished her edges.


 Fabric Weaving - Donnie
Donnie chose low-contrast colors for her background weaving and zigzag stitched the edges of the fabric strips. She added a wonderful winter scene, complete with snow, sun and trees, all machine appliqued in place. Then layered, quilted and traditionally bound the piece to finish it.


Fabric Weaving - Kathleen
Kathleen added a charming vignette of bird, branch, leaves and berries to her woven background. She used a traditional binding for the outside edges and used a loose zigzag stitch for the fabric strip edges as well as the applique pieces.


Fabric Weaving - Sandy
Sandy finished her fabric weaving piece with a machine embroidered design on top of the fabric weaving. Sandy then quilted around the design to hold the layers together. She used the machine to add a buttonhole stitch around the edge to finish the piece off, instead of a traditional binding.


Fabric Weaving - Claire
Claire zigzagged along the edges of the strips and added machine-appliqued leaves on top of this background. Instead of a traditional binding, she stitched the edges of the piece together and then added a yarn edging by hand so the machine stitching didn't flatten the yarn.


Fabric Weaving - Annette
Annette has chosen to add a deer and an apple and hand embroidered the tree on the left side. She used a loose zigzag stitch to secure her fabric strips. She used wonderful star-like stitches to hold the three layers together.


 Fabric Weaving - Candy 
Since Candy was knee deep in making felt Christmas stockings, she decided to use felt for her fabric weaving strips and found it so, so easy to work with. She used a stiff fusible interfacing behind the felt which held it in place very well. She's planning to add a flannel backing and then can use this piece as a holiday trivet. Clever!


Fabric Weaving - Joyce
Joyce made quilts using both the straight-cut strips and the curved strips to weave with., offering a good comparison of the two approaches. The birds are appliques in place and embellished with embroidery and a sign "Birds of a Feather Flock Together" to finish it. The curved version has a decorative stitch finishing the edges of the strips and is embellished with a variety of beads.


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