Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bubbles and Wrinkles

                                                    Bubbles and Wrinkles

Here are more ways to add texture and dimension to your fabrics - wet your fabric and make bubbles by poking the fabric through the holes of a grid (like a baking rack), and get wrinkles by wetting and twisting a piece of fabric into a tightly wound rope.

Bubbles and Wrinkles - Annette
Annette added square glass beads to her bubbles, both to embellish the piece and to further stabilize the bubbles.
Bubbles and Wrinkles - Candy

I loved the bubbles!  My first attempt was no good because I used a heavier fabric and the bubbles burst! I tried again with cotton and the results were great.  My wrinkles are still drying - hard to get things to dry in humid Florida where are temps are in the mid 80's. Makes my hair curly and my wrinkles damp!  

The wrinkles are the background in this Dove pillow and give good texture to an otherwise plain background.

This Egret quilt is based on a photo taken in The Everglades by a friend. I am waiting for fabric I ordered to do the finishing work. The water is the wrinkled fabric. To secure it to the batt, I used beads. I didn't want to compromise the wrinkles


Bubbles and Wrinkles - Donnie
Donnie randomly stitched across her wrinkles to hold them in place and add more surface design and texture.
 Bubbles and Wrinkles - Kathleen
I added sashing and traditional binding. My embellishments are tiny buttons on the bubbles and machine-stitched circles on the wrinkles.
Bubbles and Wrinkles - Sue
"Blue Berry Waffles"  (quilt on the top) I French knotted the centers of each bubble in the brown fabric.  I learned after a bit that you need to anchor the French Knot to the bottom for best effect. The rows are tacked down so the 'valleys'  couldn't pull up. It makes a nice texture. The bubbles are tougher then I figured they would be. The blue 'waffle' is anchored with a long stitch in both direction. They need to be bolder.  

"Plantings Done"   (quilt on the bottom) The brown wrinkle fabric jumped out to me as a newly plowed field. So I seeded it and the sprouts are coming up. Great approach to roads, grass. rocks, etc. 

Bubbles and Wrinkles - Joyce
Joyce has embellished her bubbles and wrinkles sections with beads and decorative machine stitching, adding a yarn fringer around both sections and finishing with a traditional binding.


Bubbles and Wrinkles - Claire
I sewed sashing around my bubbles and wrinkles very simply, layered and quilted around the three blocks and through the center of the border, bound the piece and then added buttons and beads to finish it.
The bubbles are held in place with a couple of rows of hand stitching between the bubbles and the addition of several white beads, sewn through all the layers. The wrinkles have lines of machine quilting through them for stability and texture, and then buttons were sewn to each wrinkle panel for embellishment.

I really liked both of these techniques and look forward to using them in an art quilt in the future.

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