Thursday, April 25, 2013


Sashiko is a decorative style of stitching based on an ancient form of Japanese embroidery. It was originally used to make clothing warmer by stitching several layers of cloth together with a filler. Today, this embroidery/stitching style serves mostly decorative purposes on clothing, linens and quilts. Primarily a fairly long running stitch is used, traditionally sewn with white or natural color thread. Sashiko thread is heavier in weight, like a perle cotton.

Sashiko - Annette
Annette has chosen a traditional Japanese pattern and white thread. Her forte is hand stitching and embroidery and this is an excellent example of Sashiko.


Sashiko - Claire
I used a traditional pattern for the lower section and a small fan design for the upper right, adding a bow to it. On the upper left, I needle-felted small rectangles and sewed glass beads to them. It is finished with a traditional binding, which seems appropriate for this piece.

Sashiko - Joyce
Having been to Japan a few years ago, I used all Japanese fabrics in this piece. I had a pattern for the large Sashiko fish and some of the water design and used white cotton Sashiko thread. The red design was measured and drawn before using red pearl cotton thread to stitch. Authentic Japanese coins were applied with gel medium. Edges were finished with traditional binding in two colors. I love this piece because it brings back the memories of a fantastic trip.


Sashiko - Kathleen
Kathleen used traditional designs with white and red pearl cotton thread. She added leaf shapes in white felt and peach buttons held in place with green thread, tied on the top of the button.
Sashiko - Sue
Sue used a combination of traditional Sashiko designs, one angular and one curvy, stitched in heavy white cotton thread. She added Japanese characters at the top in a red cotton thread and ricing below the Sashiko designs in a white cotton thread. Her finish is a traditional binding.


Sashiko - Candy
Candy went with a different look and made three separate designs in more than one color cotton thread. She tied the designs together with straight lines to mimic sashing and set the blocks off on their own to shine individually. Finished with a traditional binding.



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  1. This is an experiment to see if I can comment. Sashiko was a snap for us quilters. Just quilting with a Japanese twist. Can also be used as "big stitch" for rustic, Adirondack, flannel quilts.