Thursday, April 25, 2013

Devore or Burn-Out (etching)

Devore or Burn-Out
This is a process of etching away/eating away fabric, using a product called Fiber Etch. It will erode fabrics like cotton and silk and will not touch or react with polyester fabrics. For this reason, polyester thread is used to stitch the design so the thread will hold fast and use cotton fabrics for the "to-be-removed" fabric.

Burn-Out - Claire
I drew a leaf and zigzag stitched the edges and veins on the light purple fabric which then became the fabric that was removed behind the stitching. I added a new fabric behind the light purple fabric so that it shows through the now-open leaf.


Burn-Out - Sue
Sue drew her design on the green batik fabric and used a red fabric behind the open design. One of the problems that we encountered with this technique is finding a way to hold the open webbing that you create to the background and Sue solved this by hand stitching the webbing in place with matching thread.This may only make sense if you are working with this technique yourself but it does makes perfect sense.

Burn-Out - Joyce
Instead of drawing my own pattern to burn-out, I found a perfect candidate for this in my stash...a colorless grey flower in a large print. I stitched, as directed, around all the sections using polyester thread, but must not have applied enough of the gel to do a good job. It was very difficult to loosen the fabric from some of the edges, in spite of ironing several times. I ended up snipping away some of the rough spots with scissors. I repeated the flower color and black in the borders, quilted both and added large grey buttons with white button centers, tied together with peach yarn. Thick yarn finishes the outside edge. I think I would like to try this another time using a fabric blend, so the polyester threads remain after the burn-out.

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