Thursday, April 25, 2013


Rusting Fabric
You can add a patina of age to your fabrics by placing some hardware (washers, screws, old tools...) or steel wool on your muslin and spraying with an equal mixture of vinegar and water. Let sit overnight and you should have interesting results from this adventure.
Rusting Fabric - Annette
Annette has combined the rusting, a new technique for her, with her love of all things embroidered. She has used silk ribbon embroidery to make the green leaves, and hand embroidery for the beautiful flower and stems below to enhance the rusting design.

Rusting Fabric - Sue
Sue has rusted an interesting assortment of hardware and designed this piece to make the most of her rusted images. Don't you love the tools that were hand quilted diagonally across the center?
Rusting Fabric - Claire
I used a selection of washers, old long screws and some steel wool to see what would happen and I think I got mixed results. Some rusted images are sharper than others, but I find it all interesting and can see potential uses for this technique in future quilts.

Rusting Fabric - Candy
I titled this "Garage Bling". The backing is felt, and the middle is our bubble project because the colors seemed to work together. Tried new machine stitching in dark red along the edges. As my husband pointed out, people in FL are careful not to buy things that rust so I had to search through nuts and bolts for rusty looking items. I added feathers and embellishments.

Rusting - Joyce
I was not thrilled with my rusting project. Several items did not rust well, but I managed to cut some square pieces that work on the background I chose. I added screws, nuts, hooks, etc to the rusted fabric. The background fabric was enhanced with overstitching and beads in some places. Some copper strips and metal embellishments complete the piece. The small metal piece at the top is from Claire and reads "Embrace Imperfection." How fitting!!! It's finished with a pillowcase edge.

Rusting - Kathleen
Kathleen rusted a variety of items - screws, keys, washers - and like the rest of us, wished they had all come out sharper, clearer, but the effects she has gotten are wonderful. She added some of the rusted  items onto her quilt as embellishment as well as small beads for more interest.



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