Monday, August 19, 2013

Machine Stitching

Machine Stitching
In this section, we will show pieces that use Programmed Decorative Stitches on the sewing machine as an easy and effective way to add embellishments to a fabric, as well as Machine Couching which uses a zigzag or decorative machine stitch to tack down a length of yarn, cord, ribbon, floss or braid. Both are equally attractive and provide a way to add a softer embellishment to quilts.

Machine Stitching - Joyce
This piece incorporates couching, programmed stitches, free-motion stitching and some beading. It is hard to see because colors blend and stitching is small. I started with a square cut from some home décor fabric. Most of the sections are separated with narrow ribbon or yarn that is couched in place. Some sections are separated with programmed stitches, but I used a shimmery clear thread that doesn't show well in the photo. There is free-motion threadwork in all of the sections, and here and there I added beads or tiny buttons. The square is placed off-center onto a black and white background and finished with a traditional binding in the same fabric.


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