Saturday, August 24, 2013

Angelina Fibers

Angelina Textiva and Crystalina Fibers
These are different kinds of fibers made with a polyester/plastic base. They are cut in different ways..the Angelina fibers has a straight cut and is cut very, very fine; the Crystalina fibers are crinkly cut with a jagged edge and are wider; Textiva looks more like cellophane. For our purposes, we used mostly Angelina fibers and some Crystalina, but did not experiment with Textiva.

These fibers will adhere to themselves when heated with an iron, but will not stick to anything else unless an adhesive is used, like Wonder Under or Steam-a-Seam, or by stitching. The fibers are both light-reflective and light-refractive so gives a nice shimmery, sparkling effect.

Angelina Fibers - Sue
Sue chose to use the fibers as a background rather than as an embellishment and has created a spooky scene, perfect for Halloween. She combined fiber colors, added flying birds and creepy trees to the scene. Her moon is circled in the center with quilting.


Angelina Fibers - Annette
Annette used her Angelina fibers as clouds for her pastoral scene, as well as on her tree and the apples falling from the tree. The clouds seem to catch the sun and reflect the light.


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